Why Do We Need to Take the Adaptation?

The title above was my first question when undergoes the adaptation at RS Hasan Sadikin-Universitas Padjajaran. The question is quite logic; medicine is the same wherever you go. No difference between the Philippines and Indonesia. In fact, the consultants from both countries might meet each other or have ‘chika-chika’ (talking, Tagalog) at the Regional symposium, conference or even fellowship.

The Filipino’s Standard of Procedure (S.O.P) and Indonesian’s Protap were quite similar, despite using the different terms. In that case, is it neccessary for us to take the adaptation? Some people said that was quite wasting time.

Here the reasons, which I can think of:

First, the regulations! To my fellows in the Philippines, Indonesia had its own regulations regarding the physicians and medical education. The Health Department put it in Undang-Undang No.29/2004 tentang Praktik Kedokteran. The Indonesian GPs and specialist abroad was required to take the Adaptation in order to get licensure. After completed the program, they were expected to take Uji Kompetensi Dokter Indonesia (UKDI, I think it is similar with the Physician Licensure Examination in the Philippines). We’ll discuss about UKDI later. Even though you’d decided to go to the residency, it still required.In other word, the adaptation is a must if you want to work in Indonesia.  Without it, you aren’t recognized, or even allowed to practice.

I might continue this post at the convenient time…see you!

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